Request A Story

Have an idea for a story? Want to read it in exactly two hundred words? Great. Simply complete the form below with your request.

If you’d like to dramatically increase the odds of your story being selected, we also recommend the following:

  • Be brief —

    The submissions most likely to be selected are those that can be summarized in a single sentence. For example, “Robert vowed that Janet would rue the day she decided to leave him.” would be a solid submission. In just a few short words this sentence introduces two characters, gives a rudimentary outline of their relationship to each other, and provides a direction for the narrative.

  • Be interesting —

    Every story is about something, but not all subjects are equally exciting. For example, “Bob walks his dog.” is far less likely to be selected than “Agatha discovers that she enjoys children… with ketchup.” The more creative the topic, the more likely it is to produce an interesting story, and the more likely it therefore is to be selected.

  • Be specific —

    If there is something particular you want included in your story, be certain to mention it. If you want to read a story about two pirates engaged in a deadly duel while hanging from the rigging of a ship under full sail, you need to include more detail than “Jim and Pete fight on a ship.”

  • Be careful —

    While we are happy to consider requests for any kind of story, there are a few things that you should generally avoid.

    1. Requests involving another author’s copyrighted work.
    2. Requests involving celebrities or other famous persons.
    3. Requests involving particularly graphic sexual content.

    While these items will not automatically disqualify your request from consideration, they will seriously reduce its chances.

If your story idea is selected, you will be notified via e-mail and may choose to be recognized for your creation or to remain safely anonymous. Also, please note that by submitting your request, you surrender any and all claim to any associated works. All materials produced are the copyrighted property of Free Jack Klugman.