Snack Time

Herme placed a small dollop of Elmer’s glue on her beige construction paper and reached into the Tupperware container at the center of the table for a piece of macaroni.  She tapped the curved noodle against the wire framework of her headgear for a moment before carefully plopping it into the glue and cocking her head to one side to evaluate her creation.  Considering it was made from uncooked pasta, she decided it was an excellent representation of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

Her craft project finished, Herme folded her hands in her lap and waited patiently for snack time.  It was her turn to bring treats for the Brownie meeting, and her troop was in for a surprise.  She had baked chocolate cupcakes, each iced to resemble a Brown Owl, and she had made them entirely unassisted.  Her mother had wanted to help, but Herme had insisted that the cakes be her own accomplishment.  Also, the minimal supervision had made it easy to substitute a poisonous distillation of foxglove for the sugar in the recipe.  Soon, her troopmates would enjoy their snack, and later, vomit profusely before collapsing and dying of fatal bradycardias.

Nobody made fun of Herme’s headgear.  Nobody.


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