“Are you sure?” Brother Steven asked as he unscrewed the lid from the red jerrycan full of gasoline.

“Yes, Brother.  There must be a target for their outrage, or the lesson will go unlearned.”

Steven nodded, slowly.  “I just wish that you could join us—that you needn’t endure what is to come alone.”

“You’ve a gentle soul, Brother.  I know that you wouldn’t wish suffering upon another, but this burden is mine to bear.  You have your duty, and I have mine.”

“They won’t understand what we’ve done.”

“And that is why we must do it.  The world has grown so callous, jaded, and cynical that it’s no longer sufficient to simply set the world ablaze.  People will just stand and ignore the flames, even as they burn.  The only way to make them see the inferno raging around them is to revel in it—to sing and dance among the ashes.”

“Amen,” Steven replied.  He tipped the container and began pouring the gasoline over the unconscious bodies of the twenty-six men, women, and children lying around him on the floor of the church.  “The chains are on the door.  Lock them as you leave.”

“I will, Brother.  Godspeed”


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