From: The Master []

To: Jack []

Subject: Cravimosity® Is Here!

Worried about the size of your love-tool? Worried that your lady-parts look like a plate of roast beef exploded? Are you afraid that you will never have what it takes to win the heart of person you like?

Well fear not, because Cravimosity® is here!

And exactly what Cravimosity® is? Well, Cravimosity® is a natural supplement, all-eldritch designed to bring you the desire of your heart. Only a single dose of Cravimosity® will release your hidden erotic potential, so it is absolutely and totally irresistible. You'll look and feel better than ever as the power of the old entity, trans-dimensional contained in Cravimosity® gradually transforms your corporeal form into the ideal place to host the conquest of land. Men and women both literally fall at your feet, held helpless and entranced by the aura of terrible attraction, empyrean-host exudate by its shape. And since they are in a state of stupor, their primitive brains of primates struggling to reconcile the conflicting feelings of uncontrollable lust and unspeakable dread inspired by your presence, you will have more opportunities and better sex than you have ever experienced before.

Now you may be asking questions like, "What is the secret of Cravimosity® effectively?" and "If Cravimosity® is so powerful, why have not I heard of it before?" Well, the answer to both is that it was only very recently that Ngyar-Huloth, Master and Lord of Formless Appentency could be fed with enough misery and suffering to project its will in our universe. But fortunately for you, Ngyar-Huloth is no longer blind to our reality and is ready and eager to take in entire galaxies of susceptible species in its gestalt ever changing.

Sound too good to be true? Well just wait, because it gets even better! With the surplus of naive believers native to your reality, Ngyar-Huloth is currently offering a trial of a month Cravimosity®. It is a totally free to intelligent beings in your spatial neighborhood! Yes, absolutely free. At only the cost of shipping, a supply of thirty days Cravimosity® will be delivered to your door. Of course, the ingestion of a single tablet Cravimosity® is enough to start transformation, but Ngyar-Huloth generosity knows no bounds. And as your soul is slowly eaten into the body of an alien intelligence from beyond our universe, you quickly and happily notice that each of the twenty-nine doses unused Cravimosity® in your possession is an opportunity to further spread more Ngyar-Huloth glory!

And remember, Ngyar-Huloth attention will focus on you for only a small portion of your human existence ephemeral ephemeral. Any delay may deny your chance to share in his amazement, so act now! Call 1-(800)-EAT-ALMA. That is 1-(800)-328-2562, or click for your last and only chance at eternal love and fulfillment. Cravimosity® operators are waiting!

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