Diary of a Mad White Guy

This week, yet another flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wending over at Terrible Minds. This challenge was to randomly generate a title from a list of words and write a story to go along with that title. My words were “Grave Robber” and “Diary”. The Grave Robber’s Diary was the result.

I had a blast completing this challenge, and if you’ve not yet visited Mr. Wendig’s blog, shame on you.


A Little Slice of London

This week, another flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wending over at Terrible Minds.  The challenge was to compose a short piece using one of three randomly generated sentences.  I chose “The criminal disappeared after the inventor,” and Victorian was the result.


A quick note for any Ripper fanatics out there: I am aware that there were no pubs near Mitre Square.  However, I needed a nearby pub to help keep the word count low, so I exercised a bit of artistic license and moved the Black Swan into the area.  Please forgive my laziness.


Sedition is a piece I wrote for a Flash Fiction Challenge posted over at Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds. The challenge was to write a story featuring five characters from a list of fifty. My characters were:

  • The slothful, unheroic teacher
  • The negative rogue
  • The weak, tolerant architect
  • The friendly musician
  • The poised sailor who is considered the best in his/her profession.

I encourage you to give Chuck’s blog a visit, it’s filled with great writing advice from a talented guy.